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Artist Edition on 18 copies                                                                                                                      CLICK IMAGE for INSTRUCTION FILM

The printed box contains 7 MDF shapes, nails, plan print. The landscape attached to the wall measures 81 x 100 x 1.2 cm, the box itself 40 x 50 x 5 cm.

Roodeschool is a village in the municipality of Het Hogeland in the Dutch province of Groningen. The name Roodeschool is said to be derived from the old village school (built in 1830) that had red roof tiles. Apparently, this was something special because an entire village was named after it.

Actually, I found the satellite images of this region interesting because of the highly meandering river course. A feature that often recurs in my work.

In this construction kit, the outline shapes that shape the landscape are milled MDF shapes that the owner is allowed to form into a whole. This construction box is a reference to AIRFIX model airplanes. The black that represents the shape has a red fluorescent color at the bottom that reflects on the wall.